3 Ways to Fight Cellulite

19 Jan

Unfortunately, most women are prone to getting cellulite. What you put in your month is one of the biggest factors that results in receiving that cottage cheese appearance on your thighs. Fried foods and white flour are the biggest enemy. To fight cellulite, drink lots of water and eat foods that contain large amounts of H2O such as apples, grapes and cucumber. Skin that is well hydrated will look healthier and plumper. Also, eat foods that are loaded with Vitamin C which prevents collagen breakdown. Snack on colorful veggies to receive up to 75 milligrams of C daily. Don’t forget to eat whole grains which provide fiber and make you full faster. Exercise is another way to fight cellulite. Even though we cannot spot reduce, we can certainly reduce the overall body fat and focus on specific exercises that target our thighs and butt such as squats, lunges and leg curls. To diminish the appearance of cellulite, opt for lotions that contain caffeine. Caffeine can enhance fat metabolism and also reduce some of the edema, or swelling, so the skin appears smoother.

If you consistently follow a routine of healthy living, you will see that your cellulite will slowly start disappearing. Even though, our genes play a big part in this, we can definitely control cellulite for the most part.

The Stylish Girl

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