Summer Fashion Trends

6 Jul

A Pop of Color

This summer is all about colors. We are seeing lots of white, nude, beige and cream. At the same time we are seeing bright gorgeous colors. The little black dress doesn’t have to be black any longer. It’s safe to go with brown, plum, navy. We are seeing flowing fabrics and lose fits that are so feminine. Softer and more relaxed silhouettes have been overtaking the fashion scene.

Here is a list of summer staple items:

A pair of tailored shorts that are dressy enough to wear to work, but can be paired with a tank top  for an easy weekend outfit.

A lightweight top with the sleeves rolled up and collar open that invokes a classic, laid back summer look.

Nautical stripes that look great paired up with classic summer accessories.

A little white dress that can be enhanced with a pop of color. (See photo above: dress, belt & ring from

A maxi dress that will make you feel cool and breezy and will also accentuate your figure.

A faded denim jacket that will make a neutral palette outfit look more casual.

Chunkier platform heels that are really comfortable and also easy to pair with casual outfits.

The Stylish Girl

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