Beauty Fan Facts

25 Jun

The Mona Lisa does not have any eyebrows.  It was the fashion in the Renaissance time to shave them off.

False eyelashes were first invented for producer D.W. Griffith who wanted to enhance one of his actresses eyes in a 1916 film. The eyelashes were made out of human hair.

The use of perfume goes as far back as the Egyptian era, where they would use perfume in religious rituals. The modern era of perfume began in 1921 with Coco Chanel’s launch of Chanel No. 5, an exotic floral blend, created by Ernest Beaux.

Married men in France use more cosmetics than their wives.

Egyptian women used henna to lighten their hair.

The average woman consumes 6lb of lipstick in her lifetime.

The first hair perm in 1906 required the client to sit for six hours with a dozen brass curlers in her hair. Each curler weighed nearly 2lb, making it the equivalent of wearing 48 large potatoes on her head.

The Stylish Girl

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