Fashion & Beauty Icon: Elizabeth Taylor

23 Mar

Today,  March 23rd, 2011, the world lost a symbol of beauty, elegance and grace. Elizabeth Taylor is a Hollywood legend and Academy Award winner. She became famous at the age of 12 in her first movie National Velvet. In the 1960’s she was one of the highest paid actresses, earning $1 million for Cleopatra. Given her lack of professional training, the range of her acting was surprisingly wide.

Taylor was the epitome of Hollywood glamour. The brunette beauty with her violet eyes, raven locks and wasp waist, captured the hearts of many men. She was always adapting to the trends of the period embracing a feminine and sweet style.

The actress launched her scent White Diamonds in 1991, which is still the best-selling celebrity fragrance in the world. She dreamed of designing perfume 25 years before she actually did. When a dear friend passed away of aids, Taylor brought enormous awareness to HIV and AIDS starting in the 1980’s and helped found the American Foundation of AIDS Research.

Elizabeth Taylor was with no doubt the biggest icon of her era. She will be remembered not only for her unconditional support as an activist to HIV/AIDS, but always for her love of fashion and passion for acting.

The Stylish Girl

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