Lose weight and keep it off!

21 Feb

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and we indulged in chocolate and other goodies, it is time to lose weight and keep it off for good! Every book, TV show or non drastic diet focuses on the same core concepts which have been summarized below:
1. Eat less- Consume less calories and you will lose weight. It’s really that simple. Make sure your diet includes lean protein, fruit and veggies.
2. Exercise – Speed up your weight loss by exercising.  Get in the habit of doing some sort of physical activity every day.
3. Eat small portions – As a rule of thumb, one serving should be the size of your palm. Eat more often, but smaller portions.
4. Don’t eat late at night – Turn the kitchen light off after 7 pm and do not open the refrigerator door for the rest of the night. Having enough time to digest the food a few hours before bed time, will help speed up weight loss.
5. Keep a food journal Making a note of every food and drink you consume, will help you stay on the right path.
Follow these 5 steps and you will be ready in no time for spring!
(Originally published on 2/16/11)
The Stylish Girl

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